About Aspirant IAS Academy

Aspirant IAS Academy is an institute founded on DEEP VALUES and is completely STUDENT CENTRIC. Because of the changes in the exam pattern by UPSC, the Traditional Approach no longer works. Aspirant IAS Academy is highly focused on the trending exam changes by UPSC in Civil Services Exam.

We believe that it is the student who has to grasp the approach. He/she has to put strong efforts and has to be energetic and enthusiastic to emerge in the UPSC exam with flying colors. Consequently, our role then becomes to MAKE THE STUDENT REALIZE THE PATH. He/she should follow the path, with sheer hard work and with joy, and keep UP the energies to crack the UPSC exam.

Our approach is LSAA (Listen-Study-Analyse-Approach).

  • The student needs to LISTEN– to grasp the essence and depth of each concept,
  • He needs to then STUDY hard to cover that meticulously prepared course ware, and gain the full information needed – with insight.
  • He then needs to be able to ANALYSE each question perfectly and
  • He needs to APPROACH the question with skill, certainty, and confidence.

This whole approach needs mentorship of a special kind. The Student should be guided with the EXACT approach and preparation needed and this what Aspirant IAS Academy provides.

It is in this sense that our way is effective and students find it a way, that motivates, empowers, energizes. It gives them confidence and enthusiasm to work hard, in the right way. The POWER within the student is released and it is he/she who works the most, we being there with mature and meticulous guidance!!