Brahmaputra’s tributary Beki changes its course

Context: Recently, Beki which is a tributary of Brahmaputra changed its course resulting in displacement of thousands of people and a state highway in lower Assam.

About Beki River

  • Beki River is one of the right bank territories of Brahmaputra River.
  • Manas River originates in Bhutan, when it enters India – Manas River branches into three streams or channels- Manas, Beki and Hakuwa which later merge into the Brahmaputra River.
  • Since the channel of Manas and Hakuwa has been experiencing high siltation, almost all the flood discharge of the Manas River passes through the Beki River.
  • Beki River passes through the Manas National Park consisting of semi-evergreen, forest vegetation and mixed deciduous, littorals and swamps and interspersed with bamboo and cane.
  • Beki River causes large-scale flooding in the large part of Manas Bio-reserve.

image 23

(Map of Beki River)

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