31 May 2021 TNPSC Question of the Day

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Daily Answer Writing For TNPSC Group 1, 2 & 2A Mains Examination Practice Questions

Answer writing is a continuous exercise that is an inalienable part of the preparation process for the Civil Services Examination. A well-written answer not only reflects the knowledge of an aspirant but also his/her ability to tailor the content in a manner suited to meet the expectations of the question.

” Daily Practice Makes you Score more.”…!!

Mains Answer Writing

Important tips for Mains Answer Writing:

  1. Read the question carefully and break into parts as per the things asked.
  2. Start with a brief intro of the main focus area of the question
  3. Break answer into sub-headings and bullet points
  4. If possible, draw a rough diagram or flow chart to better illustrate your answer
  5. Give a conclusion/way forward at the end of your answer
  6. Stick to the word limit and overall time limit.


Write the Answer not more than 250 words

  1. Do you agree though the Non –Cooperation programme Abandonment suddenly but get significant success ? Examine /ஒத்துழையாழை இயக்கை் திடீரென ழகவிடப்பட்டாலுை் குறிப்பிடத்தக்க ரெற்றிழயப் ரபற்றுள்ளது ஒப்புக்ரகாள்கிறீெ்களா?
    ஆொய்க ?

SOURCE: (SUBJECT- INDIAN HISTORY :- Syllabus : Different mode of agitation)
(Source :10th STD Social science)

  1. Discuss the Nehru Report which submitted by Mothilal Nehru on 1928?/ 1928 இல் மைாதிலால் மேரு சைெ்ப்பித்த மேரு அறிக்ழகழயப் பற்றி விொதிக்க?

SOURCE: (SUBJECT- INDIAN HISTORY :- Syllabus : Emergence of national leaders ‐ Gandhi)

(Source :10th STD Social science)

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