Admission Instructions

Working hours: 9:30am to 7:30pm. (Sunday – 10am to 5pm)
Lunch break: 01:00pm to 01:30pm.

  • Students should always Follow the Proper Timings for Class
  • Students should keep their mobile phones in switched off or silent mode in the institute premises.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the campus.
  • Students should be regular, punctual and attentive to the classes. They are expected to be seated in the lecture hall 10 minutes before the commencement of class.
  • Late coming students are not permitted to enter the class after the faculty entered the class without getting written permission from the Administrative Officer / competent authority.
  • Students should maintain perfect order and strict silence inside the lecture halls and Exam Halls.
  • Students should use the facilities in the campus without causing any damage. If any damage is caused, necessary action will be taken to rectify and recover the cost, in addition to any disciplinary proceedings, if applicable.
  • Students should keep the institute premises neat and clean.
  • Students are encouraged to regularly check the notice board/CMS automation system for current information (Schedules, Holidays, Events, etc.,).
  • Visitors will not be allowed to contact the student during the class hours. However, under unavoidable circumstances, they will be permitted to meet the student with prior permission from the Administrative Officer / competent authority.
  • Students are advised to switch off fans and lights when they leave the class rooms.
  • Admission officer can be contacted for details related to payment of Fees.

For any other details,
Contact Co-Ordinator
: 6381349872