Tamil Nadu Coastal Restoration Mission

I. Target – 5 years (2024 – 2029)
II. Support – World Bank
III. Objective
a) to strengthen Coastal biodiversity.
b) to improve Coastal livelihood through sustainable tourism.
c) to reduce plastic waste in marine environment.
IV. Tamil Nadu Blue Carbon Agency
a. A Special Purpose Vehicle
b. Objective
i. To monitor the restoration of mangroves and seagrass.
ii. Coastal Erosion
iii. To restore the corrals at Kariyachalli islands of Gulf of Manner ecosystem
IV. To Strengthen Coastal Management Systems.
V. Mission Focus Aroe:
a. Enhancing Coastal biodiversity
b. Coastal Protection
c. Improving livelihood through the creation of blue flag beaches and sustainable tourism.
d. Pollution Abatement.
VI. The Mission Includes
a. To establishing a biodiversity and conservation park at kadambur, Chengalpattu.
b. Sea Turtule Conservation centres in ____ Nagapattinam and Chennai.
c. An International Dugong Conservation Centre at Manora Thanjaur.