First Indian Geo-Heritage Site

  • The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) has recognised the Mawmluh Cave, as one of the first 100 IUGS geological heritage sites.
  • It is located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya.
  • With a length of 7.2kms, Mawmluh Cave is the fourth longest cave in the Indian subcontinent.
  • The cave is a long maze with many openings and is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, drapes and moon milk.
  • Another prime feature of the cave is the pool inside the cave that is formed from five different rivers that pass through the cave.

Allmenia multiflora

  • A new species of plant named Allmenia multiflora was discovered on the hillocks of Palakkad.
  • Allmenia multiflora is a new species belonging to the genus Allmania.
  • It is only the second species of the Allmania genus found in the world.
  • The new species was discovered 188 years after the genus and the first species Allmania nodiflora were described.
  • Before the new species was identified, Allmania nodiflora was believed to be the only lone species of the genus Allmania.
  • Allmania nodiflora was published under the genus Celosia as Celosia nodiflora in 1753.
  • It was later described as Allmania nodiflora in 1834.
  • Its native range span from the Indian subcontinent to China and western and central Malesia.
  • It was assessed to be a critically endangered species.

Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile

  • INS Arihant has successfully launched a nuclear-capable Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) in Bay of Bengal.
  • The ability to launch nuclear weapons from submarines is critical for achieving nuclear triad.
  • A Nuclear triad refers the three-pronged military force structure having the capability to launch nuclear missiles from land, aircraft and submarines.
  • The SLBMs are sometimes known as K family of missiles – codenamed after APJ Adbul Kalam.
  • They were developed by the DRDO.
  • INS Arihant is a nuclear-powered ballistic missile-capable submarine indigenously developed by India.

Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting

  • 18th Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting (HACGAM) held in New Delhi.
  • A total of 55 representatives from 18 countries and following two International Organisations are participating in the meeting.
  • Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Sharing Centre (ReCAAP ISC).
  • United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime- Global Maritime Crime Programme (UNODC-GMCP).

DefExpo 2022

  • Prime Minister inaugurated the defence expo, DefExpo 2022, at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar.
  • This is the first defence expo where only Indian companies are participating and it features only Made in India equipment.
  • The expo is being attended by 53 friendly countries from Africa.
  • The 2nd India-Africa Defence Dialogue (IADD) was held on the side-lines of DefExpo 2022
  • India is exporting defence materials and equipment to more than 75 countries of
    the world.

FATF Grey List

  • The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has removed Pakistan from the list of countries under “increased monitoring” (Grey List).
  • Pakistan has been removed from the list after four years.
  • It was first put on the list in 2008, removed in 2009, added again in 2018.
  • FATF is the international watchdog on terror financing and money laundering.
  • It also aims to counter the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • It was set up in 1989 out of a G-7 meeting of developed nations in Paris.
  • India joined with ‘observer’ status in 2006 and became a full member of FATF in 2010.

World Vegan Day observed on 01st November

  • To encourage people to follow the vegan lifestyle and spread awareness about veganism.
  • The day is dedicated to the practice of abstaining from use of animal products and exploitation of animals.
  • All across the world, World Vegan Day is celebrated a day after Halloween.
  • Halloween falls on October 31,and a day after is celebrated as World Vegan Day to advocate the benefits of avoiding and banning the exploitation of animals, extending our love and care to other species and the natural environment.
  • Vegan Society Founded: November 1944;
  • Vegan Society Founders: Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley.

IFS Rajesh Ranjan named as next Indian envoy to Ivory Coast

  • Indian Foreign Service officer, Dr Rajesh Ranjanhas been appointed as the next Indian Ambassador to the West African nation of Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast.
  • Dr Rajesh Ranjan is currently posted as the High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Botswana.
  • Dr Ranjan holds a PhD degree in Economics (Public Finance) from Allahabad University.
  • Dr Rajesh Ranjan was Director in the Americas Division at the Ministry of External Affairs (15 July 2016-23 March 2018) and he handled issues related to India’s relations with US and Canada.
  • Ivory Coast Capital: Yamoussoukro;
  • Prime Minister of Ivory Coast: Patrick Achi;
  • Ivory Coast Currency: West African CFA franc;
  • Ivory Coast President: Alassane Ouattara.