Justice Clocks

Context: Electronic signage systems known as Justice Clocks have been installed across the court complexes of High Courts.

Image credit: PIB 

About Justice Clocks:
  • It is an LED display of 7 feet by 10 feet, placed at a height of 17 feet from the ground.
  • This ‘Justice Clock’ will exhibit vital statistics of the justice delivery system, to maximise outreach and visibility of the work done by the state judiciary.
  • The initiative will inform stakeholders about court-related key parameters and bring awareness among public by providing bird eye view of court-related data.
  • The interface has been designed and developed in-house and will display data from the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) in real-time.
Purpose of the Justice Clock highlighted by Justice Chandrachud:
  • To bring focus on judges, how they conduct themselves, how long they sit in courts.
  • To focus on the seriousness with which courts are handled and cases are conducted.
  • To highlight the courtesy which judges show to members of the bar and litigants. particularly those lawyers who are not among the higher echelons in the hierarchy of the bar.
News Source: PIB

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