Kalaignar Pen Monument

Context: The Union Ministry of Environment has given Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance for the Tamil Nadu government’s proposal to construct Muthamizh Arignar Dr. Kalaignar pen monument in Bay of Bengal, off the Marina beach in Chennai. About Kalaignar pen monument:
  • The Pen monument will be a memorial to former CM and DMK leader M Karunanidhi
  • This would include a pen pedestal, lattice bridge above beach and land and pedestrian pathway above sea.
Coastal Regulation Zones:
  • Coastal Regulation Zones are the declared coastal areas of creeks, seas, bays, rivers and backwaters that get affected by tides up to 500 metres from the high tide line (HTL) and the land area between the low tide line (LTL) and the high tide line.
  • State governments are responsible for preparing Coastal Zone Management Plans (CZMP) and implementing the CRZ rules through their respective Coastal Zone Management Authorities.
Related law and rules
  • The Environment Ministry came up with the Coastal Regulation Zone rules (CRZ rules) in February 1991, under the Environment Protection Act in 1986. The rules were notified in 2011.
  • In 2018, the government issued the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification 2018 to remove restrictions on building, streamlining the clearance process and increasing tourism in the coastal areas.
Coastal regulation zone: Classification
  • CRZ-I: It constitutes ecologically-sensitive areas, such as mangroves, corals/coral reefs, sand dunes, national parks, marine parks, sanctuaries, reserve forests, wildlife habitats, etc.
    • The coastal regulation zone areas in CRZ 1 are situated between high tide lines and low tide lines.
  • CRZ-II: It constitutes the developed areas up to the shoreline, which fall within the existing municipal limits.
    • The development of unauthorised structures is not allowed in this zone.
  • CRZ-III: Localities, such as rural areas that are relatively undisturbed and do not fall under the above categories, are included in this zone.
    • Only specific activities related to agriculture or certain public facilities are permitted under this coastal regulation zone.
  • CRZ-IV: The zone constitutes water areas from the low tide line up to territorial limits, including areas of the tidal-influenced water bodies.
Source: The Hindu, Indian Express

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