Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone virtually to revamp the 508 railway stations across the country with an investment of Rs.25, 000 crore under the Amrit Bharat Station scheme. Out of 508, 13 stations are listed in Karnataka.
About the Scheme:
  • The ‘Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’ is a new policy launched by the Ministry of Railways.
  • The scheme envisages development of stations with a long-term vision.
  • The policy is based on Master Planning for long term and implementation of the same as per needs and demand of the station to station.
  • This is in line with the government’s vision of ‘Naya Bharat’.
  • Objectives:
    • Transform the railway stations
    • Modernise the infrastructure with latest technologies, amenities and others from time to time
    • Enhancing the facilities beyond the Minimum Essential Amenities
    • Construction of Roof Plazas and City Centres at the station
    • Introduction of new amenities as well as upgradation and replacement of existing amenities
  • The project will provide modern passenger amenities along with ensuring well-designed traffic circulation, inter-modal integration and signage for the guidance of passengers.
  • The design of the station buildings will be inspired by local culture, heritage and architecture.
  • Amrit Bharat Station Scheme embodies a commitment to progress, convenience, and a brighter future for passengers.
Key features of the scheme:
  • Elegant Station Building: A new station building will redefine Station’s architectural landscape, reflecting a modern and inviting design.
  • Focus on Swachh Bharat: Keeping in step with the Swachh Bharat mission, the station will introduce a modular Sewage Treatment Plant, ensuring efficient sewage treatment and a cleaner environment.
  • Aesthetic Platforms: Platforms will undergo a resurfacing and aesthetic uplift, with the introduction of captivating landscaping on platform walls.
  • Passenger Amenities: Travelers will enjoy improved amenities, including better seating, drinking water facilities, and enhanced lighting and ventilation on platforms and within the station building.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: A revamped foot over bridge, supplemented by additional lift and escalator facilities, will ease passenger movement and accessibility.
  • Guidance and Information: Modernized train indication boards and passenger-friendly signages will facilitate seamless navigation within the station premises.
  • Functional Upgrades: The existing booking office and other administrative buildings will undergo a thorough renovation, aligning them with the scheme’s overarching vision.
  • Inclusivity: All improvements will be designed to be divyangjan (specially-abled) friendly, ensuring equal access and convenience for all.
Significance of the scheme:
  • The modernization of so many stations will create a new atmosphere for development in the country as they will create a good first impression among the visitors.
  • Upgraded stations will not only increase tourism but will also give a push to economic activities in the nearby areas.
  • Also, ‘One Station One Product’ scheme will help the artisans and will help in the branding of the district.
  • Railways play a crucial role in giving momentum to the economic growth of the country.
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