How to Prepare for SSC CGL – Strategy, Study Plan, Best Books

When preparing for the Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam, some strategic approach is necessary to achieve a decent SSC CGL exam score. This page will give information on a collection of SSC CGL Books, PDF for many SSC CGL subjects, as well as crucial SSC CGL course materials in a suitable style for SSC CGL Preparation.


The SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam is among the most sought-after exams for students who want to work for the Government of India in various organisations, Ministries, and agencies. These SSC Exams provide an excellent chance for those who wish to work in numerous departments, agencies and organisations run by the Government of India.


Beginners or first-timers frequently search for a study plan for 2022 to clear the test when beginning with their SSC CGL preparation. They search the internet for information on how to start preparing for SSC CGL, best books to study and SSC CGL study material. Here, all these topics and more have been addressed to assist applicants to prepare for the SSC CGL test 2022. According to the SSC exam schedule 2021-22, the SSC CGL exam notice 2022 for tier 1 was announced on December 23, 2021, and the test would be held tentatively on April 22, 2022. The SSC CGL application form filling period began on December 23, 2021, and ended on January 23, 2022. 


Keep in mind the following tips while you prepare for the exam and crack the SSC CGL exam easily:


1. Before beginning test preparation, review the SSC CGL qualifying requirements. Make sure you do not miss out on any qualifying requirements.


2. Examine the SSC CGL test pattern. Before beginning the SSC CGL test preparation, the candidates must familiarise themselves with the SSC CGL exam pattern for each tier of the SSC CGL selection process.


3. Examine the SSC CGL study curriculum thoroughly. The SSC CGL syllabus is developed in such a way that candidates may be tested on several aspects based on the employment requirements. The SSC CGL syllabus includes subjects such as General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Statistics, General Studies (Finance & Economics), and so on.


4. It is critical to choose which SSC CGL study material to use. Choosing good study material is akin to choosing nice fruits from a heap; if the fruit is good, the final flavour is also wonderful; similarly, if the SSC CGL study material is good, the preparation for the test will be fantastic. Applicants should also acquire a habit of reading newspapers, which will help them improve their grammar, current affairs, and other exam-related skills. One thing to remember while choosing study material for test preparation is that they should not study from too many sources for exam preparation.


5. For the SSC CGL 2022 exam, choose the finest literature.


6. Pay special attention to topics with a greater weightage. This may help you score better in the exam.


7. After finishing the SSC CGL curriculum for the exam, applicants can proceed to the next phase, which is to assess their level of preparedness for the exam. Aspirants can answer SSC CGL sample papers or previous year question papers of the SSC CGL to assess their level of preparedness for the SSC CGL examination. Candidates may discover their strong and weak points by solving SSC CGL test papers. This will also help students understand how to manage their time effectively throughout the exam.


8. Above all, stay determined and calm in order to crack competitive exams. It is important to have a positive and composed mind before you start writing your exams.

 General Intelligence & Reasoning

 The reasoning section of the SSC CGL is critical and may be difficult at first, but there are various ideas and strategies that can help applicants succeed.


  •  SSC CGL Practice Problems Set as many of the previous year’s question papers as feasible. Every day, practise GI and reasoning questions.
  • Puzzles, figure-based problems, analogies, coding-decoding and series are all high-scoring topics. Begin by answering these and then go to more varied questions. If you practise frequently, you will see a considerable improvement in your accuracy level within a few weeks.
  • Non-verbal reasoning issues such as picture assembly, figure counting and so on need you to use your visual imagination. Do not skip or overlook these questions, even if they appear time-consuming at first. The greatest method to make them less time-consuming is to practise them.
  • When practising, try to answer a minimum of 15-20 problems in twenty minutes with reasonable accuracy. In the exam, an attempt to finish this section should not be more than 20 minutes.
  • If you have difficulties answering a specific question on the test day, or if you require a long time to answer one, it is recommended that you go on to the next one. Don’t squander your valuable time answering a single question. If time allows, return and answer the remaining question.

 General Awareness


The General Awareness portion is dynamic in character, and in order to score well in this section, candidates should be well-versed in current events of national and worldwide importance.


·  If you begin carefully while preparing for this portion at least two-three months before the exam, you will finish it in less than ten minutes. You may use the time that you save here to do calculations in Quantitative Aptitude.

·  This area is mostly made up of Static GK questions rather than current happenings. As a result, focus more on static GK while staying up to date on current happenings.

·  Prepare the subjects in the priority order:

1. Science

2. Politics

3.  History

4. Geography

5. Economy

6. Miscellaneous  

·  Static GK is concerned with Culture, Indian History, Economy, Geography (India and the World), Politics and the Environment.

·  Write notes and mind maps to help you recall data and a timeline of historical events.

·  Try to complete at least 75 General Awareness questions in 30 minutes per day.

·  Revision is the key to success when it comes to General Awareness.

·  Aspirants should create a practice of regularly reading newspapers, blogs, and periodicals.

·  Candidates must take notes on major current events to help them remember information and happenings.

Quantitative Aptitude 

1. It is suggested to use SSC CGL study resources to fully comprehend each idea and to obtain condensed summaries to save time in tests.

2. Start with percentages, profit and loss, speed, distance, and time, boat and stream problems, ratio and proportion, data interpretation, and so on.

3. Make a list of all the shortcuts, formulas, concepts and advice. Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude might reduce the wastage of time.

4.    Focus on themes that are simple and straightforward to assess, such as simplicity, age concerns, interest, percentages, ratios and proportions.

5. All essential formulae should be memorised. To assess your relative strengths and weaknesses, answer a series of questions.

6. Allow at least two hours every day to practise QA questions.

7. Do not spend more than 25 minutes on this portion of the exam.

8. Geometry includes topics such as circles and slopes. Brushing up on your fundamental understanding of angles, congruence and coordinate geometry can be beneficial.

9. This part assesses your numerical and problem-solving abilities. Regular practice is required for this.


1. Aspirants must read the English-language newspaper on a regular basis. It will help you stay up-to-date on everyday current events while also improving your vocabulary and reading speed.

2. The SSC CGL English Section assesses your vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. To earn a good English score, aspirants must have a great understanding of grammar, comprehension and vocabulary.

3. In grammar, questions will be asked on themes such as Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement, Active Passive Voice and Direct Indirect Speech.

4. While reading, use an English-to-English dictionary. You must improve your reading abilities in order to handle the vocabulary and comprehension sections.

5. Solve a prior year’s paper or a simulated exam paper every day. Aspirants can use the Expected & Previous Years SSC CGL Cut Off to determine the targets they need to meet in order to pass the CGL Exam.

6. This exam’s format and questions are repeated over and over. As a result, proper preparation can enable you to complete this part in less than 20 minutes.

7. Every day, practise at least two comprehension pieces. Look up the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of any new words that you come across.


 SSC CGL Preparation Tips for Tier-2 Exam 2022

 After reviewing the SSC CGL test pattern 2022, applicants should now review the SSC CGL syllabus 2022 for each level of the SSC CGL recruitment process. The SSC CGL syllabus is developed in such a way that candidates may be tested on several aspects based on the employment requirements. The SSC CGL syllabus includes subjects such as General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Statistics, General Studies (Finance & Economics) and so on. 


 1. The Tier-2 test will consist of 200 questions, each worth one mark. The examination will last for 2 hours.

2. For each incorrect response, 0.25 points will be deducted, therefore answer the questions properly.

3. The arrangement of questions will be the same as in Tier 1, but the level of questions will be greater.

4. Read newspapers carefully and practice your grammar because about 4–50% of the questions will be dependent on grammar.

5. Refer to the prior year’s question papers as well.


 The SSC CGL Tier 2 Statistics Paper consists of 100 questions, each worth one mark. This paper will take 2 hours to complete. Each right response is worth two points, whereas each erroneous answer is worth one-twelfth of a point.


“Tier 2 SSC CGL Statistics (Paper – 3) The Practice Work Resource” is a complete book for students studying for the SSC CGL examinations. It follows the new format and includes solved papers from examinations taken in the last few years. 

Concentrate on key concepts such as skewness and kurtosis, correlation and regression, probability theory, time series analysis, sampling theory, statistical inference and so on.

General Studies


  • This paper has a running time of 120 minutes. It will consist of 100 two-point questions. An erroneous response will result in a 0.5-point deduction. This section has around 3-5 questions.

  • The General Studies paper does not necessitate the use of formulas and techniques, nor does it necessitate the cramming of vocabulary, which takes a significant amount of time. It is simple to understand and score accurately in Economics and Finance. Prepare detailed definitions and concepts for the Indian and global economies. Answering questions based on them takes only around 2-3 seconds.

  • Candidates should be familiar with core XI and XII themes such as national income and aggregates, foreign exchange demand and supply, economic development, the balance of payments, and national and international financial institutions.

  • This paper is given the most weightage in the general awareness segment.  

SSC CGL Preparation Tips for Tier-3 Exam 2022


SSC CGL Tier 3 is a fresh tier that replaced the interviews held for various postings prior to 2016. It also evaluates applicants’ capacity to manage official communication and correspondence. In the test, candidates must write an Essay or Precis or Letters or Application.

Descriptive Paper 

This paper is being launched to measure applicants’ writing abilities. Practice is the greatest method for this paper. The more you write, the better you will become.

When writing an essay or a letter, it is critical to have good material and the skill to format it properly. Both of these talents may be developed over time with practice.

In the test, you will be required to write an essay, a letter, an application or a precise. So, practise writing essays to boost your confidence.

Read the newspaper each day to understand the effective writing style and to stay up to date on the newest important events. Examine how the paragraphs are related to one another and the editor’s approach.

There are many good newspapers like the Hindu, The Statesman, The Telegraph, etc. Attempt to come up with your own arguments about the themes covered in the newspapers.

Purchase an excellent book that has a number of essays since it will give solid information on essential issues and will help you improve your vocabulary. 

SSC CGL Preparation Tips for Tier-4 Exam 2022 

  • Students who have successfully completed all three levels are qualified for level four.

  • The SSC CGL Tier-4 exam includes two types of tests: Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) and Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) (CPT).

  • Applicants must attempt at least one of them.

  • CPT has three modules: Spreadsheet, Word Processing and Slide Generation, whereas DEST adds a typing exam in which candidates must make 2000 key depressions in 15 minutes. It is the speed test, which can be certified without a hitch with adequate and consistent preparation.

 Computer Proficiency Test

 CPT consists of the three modules listed below:


  • Word Processing: You would be provided with an English paragraph and must make 2000 key depressions in 15 minutes. It is not challenging if you practice typing on a regular basis.

  • Graph Paper: In this module, students will be required to execute fundamental mathematical operations on a Microsoft Excel sheet, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel for this.

  • Slide creation: Students will be requested to design slides on Microsoft Power point. To do well, you must comprehend headers, footers, enter dates and times, and have basic Microsoft Power point abilities.

 Data Entry Speed Test


DEST is just a typing test in which pupils must produce 2000 key depressions in 15 minutes. The Data Entry Speed Test is a speed test that can be easily passed with consistent practice.


Books are the greatest way to study for tests. It enables applicants to get in-depth knowledge prior to taking the test. To pass the SSC CGL test in one sitting, applicants need to choose the best SSC CGL books. Candidates must also practice papers and use the SSC CGL answer keys to assess their preparedness. The solution keys for every tier of the test are made available shortly after the assessment or together with the SSC CGL results.

Best Books for SSC CGL 2022

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the books that you can follow while preparing for the examination: General Intelligence & Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning Books

Authors/ Publishing House

Analytical Reasoning 

M.K. Pandey

Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning

Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

A.K. Gupta

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

Rakesh Yadav Reasoning

Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication


Banking Reasoning Ability SmartBook (English)


S Chand


General Awareness



General Knowledge

Lucent Publication


Current Affairs (Testbook)


Disha Publication

SSC General Knowledge SmartBook In English


Manorama Yearbook




Quantitative Aptitude



SSC CGL Maths Books

Authors/Publishing House

Quantitative Aptitude

Dr. R.S Agarwal

NCERT Maths from Grade 6 to Grade 11


SSC Elementary and Advanced Maths


Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M Tyra

Advance Maths

Rakesh Yadav

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations 


Elementary and Advanced Mathematics

KD Campus

Quantum CAT

Arihant Publication



Name of Book



From Plinth to Paramount

Neetu Singh

KD Publication

A Mirror of Common Errors

Dr Ashok Kumar Singh

English For General Competition

Neetu Singh

KD Publication

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis


SSC English

Ajay K Singh

MB Publication

Objective General English

SP Bakshi

Arihant Publication

SSC General Knowledge SmartBook In English


S Chand

Wren & Martin – High School English Grammar and Composition


P.C Wren and H. Martin

Wren & Martin

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2022 - Strategy, Study plan, Best Books

To apply for the SSC CGL test, aspirants must have a Bachelor’s degree.

Yes, there is a distinct Quantitative Aptitude portion in the SSC CGL Tier I and Tier II exams. 

Yes, a negative mark will be imposed in the SSC CGL 2022 exam.

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