Daily Current Affairs for 17 June 2023


Modified Semicon India Program

  • The Government of India has invited new applications for setting up of Semiconductor Fabs and Display Fabs in India under the Modified Semicon India Program.
  • Under the modified program, a fiscal incentive of 50% of the project cost is available to companies/consortia/joint ventures for setting up of Semiconductor Fabs in India.
  • Similarly, a fiscal incentive of 50% of the project cost is available for setting up of Display Fabs of specified technologies in India.
  • India Semiconductor Mission is the designated nodal agency for the program.



World Bank introduces its initial plan to enhance road safety in South Asia

  • The World Bank (WB) has initiated its first-ever project dedicated solely to road safety in South Asia, with a financial agreement of USD 358 million signed with the government of Bangladesh in Dhaka.


  • The project aims at reducing fatalities and injuries caused by road crashes in high-risk highways, district roads and selected cities.
  • The project will focus on two national highways in Bangladesh, namely Gazipur-Elenga (N4) and Natore-Nawabganj (N6).
  • World Bank President: Ajay Banga assumed office as the 14th President of the World Bank Group on June 2, 2023, following his selection for the position. Prior to his new role, he held the position of Vice Chairman at General Atlantic.
  • World Bank Headquarter: Washington D.C

UNGA adopts draft resolution introduced by India

  • India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj introduced the draft resolution titled ‘Memorial wall for fallen United Nations peacekeepers’ in the UN General Assembly Hall and it was adopted by consensus.
  • The resolution was submitted by 18 countries including Bangladesh, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, Rwanda and the US.
  • It received a record 190 co-sponsorships.
  • India is the3rd largest contributor to UN Peacekeeping missions
  • Theme of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers 2023 is ‘Peace begins with me
  • Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations is Ruchira Kamboj


Julley Ladakh

  • The Indian Navy has launched the “Julley Ladakh” outreach programme in Ladakh, aimed at increasing awareness about the service and engaging with the local youth and civil society.
  • A highlight of this initiative is a 5000km Motorcycle Expedition, which was ceremoniously flagged off from the National War Memorial by VAdm Sanjay Jasjit Singh, Vice Chief of Naval Staff.


Bright Grains in Chromosphere

  • A recent study conducted by a team of solar physicists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) has shed light on the fascinating phenomenon of bright grains observed in the chromosphere of the Sun.
  • These grains are caused by upward propagating shocks in the solar plasma, leading to temperature enhancements that surpass previous estimates

Experiment on Frying in Space

  • The first fry in space has been made by researchers of the European Space Agency.
  • A study was recently carried out in microgravity at a height of 2,000 feet to see whether potatoes can be cooked to an edible level.
  • The concept of buoyancy, which makes oil bubbles leave the surface of the potato does not exist in outer space due to lack of gravity.
  • ESA teams managed to get a fried product in a simulated environment.

Source of Solar Wind

  • The solar wind — the flow of charged particles, or plasma, from the Sun — radiates out over all the bodies in the solar system.
  • Parker probe was deployed to answer what accelerates the plasma and accompanying magnetic fields.
  • This solar wind travels at different speeds, fast and slow.
  • The data collected by the Parker Solar Probe has revealed fascinating insights into the workings of coronal holes.
  • These regions resemble showerheads on the sun’s surface, characterized by jets appearing as bright spots.
  • The probe’s findings indicate that these coronal holes are associated with the supergranulation flows within the sun’s atmosphere.
  • Magnetic fields passing in and out of the photosphere create these supergranulation cells, resulting in intensified magnetic energy within the funnel structures


Uttar Pradesh Formulates Pharmaceutical Industry Policy-2023

  • The Government of Uttar Pradesh is taking significant strides to establish the state as a prominent hub for pharmaceutical products in India.
  • With this goal in mind, the state government is preparing the draft of the Pharmaceutical Industry Policy-2023.
  • This policy, set to be implemented for the next five years, aims to boost the local pharmaceutical and medical device industry, foster research and development, and improve the accessibility of affordable medicines for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh

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