Rani Durgavati

Context: Recently, the Government in Madhya Pradesh launched the six-day Rani Durgavati Gaurav Yatra. About Rani Durgavati:
  • Born: In 1524 in Mahoba’s Chandela dynasty- the region came under present-day Uttar Pradesh.
  • She was married to Dalpat Shah, the son of the Gond King Sangram Shah of the kingdom of Garha-Katanga
  • During her reign, Durgavati fought with Baz Bahadur, the sultan of the neighbouring Malwa who was eventually defeated by Akbar.
  • Abul Fazl- the court historian of Akbar who wrote Akbarnama, described Durgavati as a combination of beauty, grace and manlike courage and bravery.
News Source: Indian Express 
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