Antibiotics with promise — a lifeline India awaits

Context In the relentless battle against highly drug ­resistant infections, a team of doctors recently witnessed a glimmer of hope amid the challenges they faced. An Indian innovation was made to deal with drug resistant pathogens. Promising Antibiotics
  • An Indian Innovation: A promising antibiotic, cefepime/zidebactam, developed by Indian researchers, combines two active components to combat drug-resistant gram-negative pathogens, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Made by JapanCeffederocol, a licenced antibiotic in several countries, developed by a Japanese company, has demonstrated excellent efficacy against drug­ resistant infections.
  • Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA): This extraordinary case underscores the urgent importance of granting EUA for antibiotics currently in phase 3 trials or licensed from other countries.
Challenges faced in dealing with drug­ resistant infections
  • Limited effective choices- Doctors must navigate through a shrinking arsenal of effective antibiotics, leaving them with limited choices.
  • Side effects– Often resorting to suboptimal treatments that may have significant side ­effects or offer little hope of a cure.
  • Pressure build-up- The constant race against time, trying to stay one step ahead of the mutating bacteria, adds to the immense pressure and helplessness experienced by doctors on the front lines.
Way Ahead
  • Commitment- India, a nation that has demonstrated remarkable progress in granting EUA for COVID­19 vaccines must show the same commitment in this field.
  • Thoroughly Evaluated- We need antibiotics that have been thoroughly evaluated or proven to be effective are essential in the battle against superbugs.
  • Doctor’s approval made mandatory- A collective decision by a team of experienced doctors, including infectious diseases experts should be made mandatory before utilizing these antibiotics.
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