Daily Current Affairs for 05 July 2023


Automobile – India

  • In 2023, India is the 3rd largest automobile market in the world
  • In 2022, Indiabecame the fourth largest country in the world by the valuation of its automotive industry
  • Then, Japan pushed back and occupied 4th
  • Mahindra & Mahindrawas established by two brothers in 1945 and began assembly of Jeep CJ-3A utility vehicles. In the same years,  R. D. Tata, the chairman of Tata Group founded TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company (now Tata Motors) in Jamshedpur
  • In 1952, the government appointed the first Tariff Commission, one of whose purpose was to come out with a feasibility plan for the indigenization of the Indian automobile industry


Archaeological excavation – Thulukkarpatti

  • Thulukkarpatti excavation started on March 2022.
  • TIRUNELVELI: Artifacts found in Thulukkarpatti excavation site records back to early Iron age period and excavation would be carried out in 36 acres of land located on the banks of Nambiyar river.
  • Thulukkarpatti is situated on the left side of the Nambiyar river in Radhapuram Taluk of Tirunelveli district.

Production of Agricultural Tools:

  • Invention of iron technology led to the production of agricultural tools and weapons,leading to production required for a civilisation ahead of economic and cultural progress.
  • There is no known record of iron being used in the Indus Valley, where copper was first utilized by Indians (1500 BCE).

Tamil Nadu State is India’s Top Electronics Exporter

  • This phenomenal growth has propelled Tamil Nadu from the fourth position in FY 2021-22 to the top spot in FY 2023.
  • Surpassing the performance of states like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.
  • A strong industrial ecosystem has been established under the stewardship of the investment facilitation agency Guidance Tamil Nadu and supported by critical infrastructure, cost effective logistics and connectivity, a trainable supply of workers, and stable utilities services.


Free Breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu

  • Tamil Nadu Government introduced this scheme on 15 September 2022.
  • At Corporation Primary School Aathimoolam in Simmakal, Madurai.
  • In order to prevent hunger and nutritional deficiency among the children, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin has launched a scheme which is known as the ” CM Breakfast Scheme“.
  • This breakfast scheme is specially launched for government school students from classes 1 to 5.


  • Tamil Nadu to expand free breakfast scheme for both Rural and

Mission Vatsalya’ scheme

  • Mission Vatsalya is one of the new triad of schemes along with Mission Shakti, and Poshan 2.0, that aims at securing a healthy and happy childhood for every child.
  • It focuses on Child Protection Services and child welfare services.
  • It is essentially a renamed version of the pre-existing scheme called Child Protection Services.


  • To secure a healthy and happy childhood for every child in India.
  • To foster a sensitive, supportive and synchronized ecosystem for the development of children.


  • Under the mission, the Government plans to partner with the private sector as well as volunteer groups for its scheme for the protection of vulnerable children such as those abandoned or
  • For this, a Vatsalya portal will be developed that will allow volunteers to register so that State and District Authorities can engage them in executing various schemes.


14th Edition of SAFF Championship 2023 Final

  • SAFF stands for South Asian Football Federation
  • India beat Kuwait in penalty shootout to win 9th
  • The event was held at the Sree Kanteerava Stadiumin Bangalore.


World Zoonosis Day 2023

  • World Zoonoses Dayis observed annually on July 6th to honor the achievements of Louis Pasteur, a renowned French biologist. 
  • On this day in 1885, Pasteur administered the inaugural rabies vaccine, marking a significant milestone in zoonotic disease prevention.
  • The observance of World Zoonoses Day serves as a platform to raise awareness about different zoonotic diseases and educate people about preventive measures.
  • The term “Zoonoses” originates from Greek, where “Zoon” means animal and “Noses” means sickness.
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