National Research Foundation

The National Research Foundation Bill was recently approved in Parliament to give high-level strategic direction to scientific research in the country, as per the National Education Policy’s recommendations. What is National Research Foundation?
  • The establishment of the National Research Foundation or the NRF will be a huge boost to the field of research in India.
  • Its core aim is to sow the seed and enable the growth of research and development in the country and facilitate the creation of a culture of research and innovation in the academic circuit of India.
  • NRF will become the highest authority to give a strategic blueprint for scientific research in India.
  • The NRF will develop the research facilities in the country at a total estimated cost of Rs 50,000 during a span of five years, from 2023 to 2028.
  • Scope: The NRF’s scope is vast and it will encompass and wide range of fields.
  • It will join hands with academicians and research institutions, among other educational bodies to create an environment in the country where interested people can pursue research works without any hazard.
  • It will form a policy framework and implement regulations to encourage more spending on research and development in the country.
What about SERB?
  • The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) which was formed in 2008 will be repealed and subsumed into the NRF whose area of work is much bigger than that of the SERB.
How it would be structured?
  • Administration: The NRF will have an administrative department named the Department of Science and Technology (DST).
  • Governance: A governing body will operate it, and it will be made up of distinguished researchers and professionals across fields.
  • Executive Council: An executive council headed by the central government’s Principal Scientific Adviser will govern the functioning of the NRF.
  • The Prime Minister of India will act as the ex-officio President of the Board.
  • The Union Minister of Science and Technology and the Union Minister of Education will act as the ex-officio Vice-Presidents.
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