Unified Logistics Interface Platform

Context:  Recently, the Prime Minister appreciated the role of Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) in transforming India’s logistics sector. About ULIP:
  • It is an API based platform for data exchange between the stakeholders for enabling innovative approaches in improving India’s Logistics sector.
  • It was launched in 2022 as a part of the National Logistics Policy (NLP).
  • It will provide real-time monitoring of cargo movement and enhance efficiency and reducing the cost of logistics in India
  • ULIP brings all the digital data related to the transportation sector into a single portal
  • To create a nationwide single window logistics platform for end-to-end visibility.
  • To develop a logistics gateway by integrating information available with various Govt. agencies across the value chain.
  • To provide visibility for optimal usage of various modes of transportation.
  • Integration with existing data sources of ministries
  • Data exchange with private players
  • Unified document reference in the supply chain
Benefits of ULIP:
  1. A) To Government:
  • Planning: Support Govt. as a planning tool for prioritising and building logistics infrastructure.
  • Effective & Transparent: Robust information and process structure to improve international competitiveness.
  • Ease Of Doing Business: Support inter-ministry / inter-agency collaborations, promoting ease-of-doing-business.
  1. B) To Service Providers, Shippers, Transporters:
  • Simplification: Support stakeholders for simplification of the tedious documentation process.
  • Organised Information: Facilitating stakeholders for information-driven pricing strategy, cost & labour optimization.
News Source: pib
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