J-K: Skill India project successfully revives dying Namda Art

  • Under the Pradhan mantri kaushal Vikas Yojana, Namda craft of kashmir is being successfully revived and the first batch of Namda art products for export to the UK has been shipped.
About Namda Art:
  • Fabric: Namda are felted rugs that are made by enmeshing wool fibers with water, soap and pressure and then embroidering the resultant fabric. Low quality wool mixed with a small quantity of cotton is used to manufacture namdas.
  • Floor covering and mattress: These are extensively used in Kashmiri households as an effective and inexpensive floor covering and mattress.
  • Types: They are usually of two types, plain and embroidered. Formerly, woolen yarn was used for embroidery, but now acrylic yarn (cashmelon) is in use.
  • Embroidery: Namdas are embroidered with thread, which gives colour, beauty and strength to them.
  • Concentration: Cottage industry is concentrated in Anantnag, Rainawari and Baramula.
  • Felting wool: Felting the wool rather than weaving it, makes the most striking characteristic of this craft.
  • Keeping warm: Warming the locals of Kashmir as well as the royals to keep their family and guests warm when they would sit on the floor have used Namdas for centuries.
News Source: pib

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