“Bhoomi Samman Award and land Digitization”

  • Recently, the President of India presented the “Bhoomi Samman” 2023 at a function organized by the Union Ministry of Rural Development in New Delhi.
  • State Secretaries and District Collectors will get awards, along with their teams, for their successful implementation of the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP).
What are the” Bhoomi Samman” awards?
  • The “Bhoomi Samman” awards honor the contributions made by government employees and their teams in bringing the idea of an empowered India online to reality.
  • It will be awarded for the first time in the previous 75 years.
 Significance:  Modernising Land Records-The Foundation of Governance: 
  • The center of governance is thought to be the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP).
Cooperative Federalism among the Center-States: 
  • The assessment method is mostly based on the reports and inputs that the States/UTs have supplied about the computerization and digitisation of land records.
Digitization’s Effect on Land Records: 
  • Faster resolution of court proceedings involving land disputes. This will lessen the GDP loss brought on by projects getting delayed owing to litigation involving land conflicts.
Increasing Government Programme Effectiveness:
  • The standardisation and interoperability of the information contained in land records might be advantageous to departments like Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Chemical and Fertiliser, PDS, Panchayati Raj, and Financial Institutions.
Reaching Digitization Goals: 
  • In India as a whole, the Department of Land Resources has reached its 94% digitalisation goal.
  • By March 31, 2024, it is intended to have completely digitized all of the country’s land records across all districts.
Way forward for Land Digitisation-
  • Increasing State Coordination and Cooperation: Harmonising and streamlining of land laws, procedures and sharing of best practices.
  • Utilizing Sufficient Resources and Capability: Provide training and capacity building on the use of modern technology and tools for land record management to the relevant officials and personnel.
  • Transparency: Ensure that the process of land surveying, digitization, verification, and titling is transparent and accountable.
  • Increasing stakeholder awareness and participation: Encourage participation and involvement of all stakeholders in the process of land record management.
News Source- PIB  

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