National Coal Index

  • The National Coal Index has shown a significant decline of 33.8% in May 2023 at 157.7 points compared to May 2022, where it was at 238.3 points.
    • The declining trend indicates a strong supply of coal in the market, with sufficient availability to meet the growing demands.
About National Coal Index (NCI):
  • NCI is a price index that combines coal prices from all sales channels, including notified prices, auction prices and import prices.
  • Composition: It is composed of a set of five sub-indices: three for Non-Coking Coal and two for Coking Coal. 
  • Base Year: 2017-18
  • Significance:
    • It serves as a reliable indicator of market dynamics, providing valuable insights into coal price fluctuations.
    • It reflects the change of price level of coal in a particular month relative to the fixed base year.
Additional Information:
Characteristics Non-Coking / Thermal/ Steam Coal Coking / Metallurgical Coal
  • Uses
  • Power generation and Industrial processes.
  • Steel Making.
  • Ash Content
  • Higher
  • Lower
  • Calorific Value
  • High
  • Moderate to Low
 News Source: Livemint

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