Cocos Islands

Context: Recently, Indian military aircraft visited Australia’s Cocos (Keeling) Islands to enhance strategic reach and interoperability with Australia. About Cocos Islands:
  • Cocos Islands, is an external territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean, approximately 3,000 km north-west of Perth in western Australia.
  • It comprises two coral atolls made up of 27 smaller islands.
Strategic Significance:
  • Logistics Support: Cocos can be an important base for refueling and Operational Turnaround for the Indian military.
  • Maritime Domain Awareness: India’s presence in the Cocos Islands allows it to improve its maritime domain awareness.
  • Geopolitical Location: They are located close to Indonesia and strategic maritime choke points.
  • Enhancing India-Australia Cooperation: Cocos Islands had been a point of cooperation between the space agencies of the two countries for India’s Gaganyaan human space flight mission.
News Source: The Hindu

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