National Bioenergy Programme (NBP)

Context:  Recently, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy informed that it has commissioned six BioCNG plants and 11,143 small biogas plants under the National Bioenergy Programme (NBP) About National Bioenergy Programme:
  • Aim: To promote the utilization of biomass such as surplus agricultural residue, agro-based industrial residue, industrial wood-waste, forest residue, and energy plantation-based biomass for energy generation. Budgetary Outlay: Rs 1,715 crore.
  • Duration: FY 2021-22 to 2025-26.
  • National Bioenergy Programme will comprises of the following sub-schemes:
  • Waste to Energy Programme (Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Wastes /Residues) to support setting up of large Biogas, BioCNG and Power plants.
    • Biomass Programme (Scheme to Support Manufacturing of Briquettes & Pellets and Promotion of Biomass (non-bagasse) based cogeneration in Industries) to support setting up of pellets and briquettes for use in power generation and non-bagasse-based power generation projects.
    • Biogas Programme to support setting up of family and medium size Biogas in rural areas.
News Source: PIB

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