Global Initiative for Digital Health (GIDH)

Context: India in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) will launch the Global Initiative on Digital Health on August 19 as part of the ongoing G-20 summit in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. About Global Initiative for Digital Health (GIDH):
  • Aim: The first-of-its-kind global initiative is aimed at data convergence, the interface of health platforms and investments in the digital health space around the globe.
  • Significance of Global Initiative for Digital Health (GIDH):
    • It has been envisaged to have a convergent approach that breaks the silos and ensures that existing and ongoing digital health efforts can be made accessible under one umbrella.
    • It will include an investment tracker, an ask tracker (to understand who needs what kind of products and services) and a library of existing digital health platforms.
    • It will aid in universal health convergence and improve healthcare service delivery. The initiative has also found funding from global partners.
News Source: The Hindu

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