Star Rating Registration Process for Coal and Lignite Mines

Context: The Ministry of Coal announces the commencement of Star Rating Registration process of Coal and Lignite Mines for the financial year 2022-23 About Star Rating Policy:
  • Objective: To elevate the overall performance and sustainability of coal and lignite mining in the country by
    • Driving competitiveness and promoting responsible mining practices
    • Adopting advanced mining technology.
  • Aim: To evaluate mines based on various factors across seven key parameters:
    • Mining Operations
    • Environment-related parameters
    • Adoption of Technologies
    • Best Mining Practices
    • Economic performance
    • Rehabilitation & Resettlement
    • Worker-related Compliance and Safety & security.
  • Evaluation Process:
    • Participating mines are also encouraged to undertake a comprehensive self-evaluation process.
    • Upon completion, the top 10% of the highest-scoring mines will be selected for further validation through an inspection conducted by a committee.
    • While the remaining 90% of the mines will undergo an online review process.
  • Ratings: The ratings awarded range from Five Star to NO Star, comprehensively evaluating each mine’s achievements.
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