Joining the Hunt: India and the Artemis Accord

  • Recently, India joined as the 27th nation to endorse ‘the Artemis Accords’.
What is Artemis Accord?
  • Launched by – The Accords originated from the Artemis Program, which was launched by the United States in 2017 with the goal of sending the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024.
  • Non-Binding Agreement- It represents a non-binding agreement between the United States government and other global governments involved in the Artemis program.
  • Aim- This program aims to return humans to the Moon by 2025 and expand space exploration to Mars and beyond.
Principles of the Artemis Accords:
  • Transparency: All Artemis partners agree to share data and information about their activities in space.
  • Sustainability: All Artemis partners agree to use space resources in a sustainable way.
  • Peaceful purposes: All Artemis partners agree to use space for peaceful purposes only.
How Artemis Program Could Benefit India?
  • Technological Collaboration: Participation in the Artemis program would offer opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and technology transfer between Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and NASA.
  • Space Industry Growth: Involvement in the development of technologies, such as lunar landers, habitats, and rovers, could enhance India’s capabilities and competitiveness in the global space sector.
  • International Relations: Enhanced international relations could bring diplomatic, economic, and strategic advantages to India.
Main Question: “Discuss the impact of India’s participation in the Artemis Accord have on the future of space exploration.”
Syllabus Mapping:
  • Subject: International Relations (GS-II)
    • Sub-topic: Bilateral Relations
  • Highlight India’s involvement in the Artemis Accord.
  • Provide an overview of India’s space achievements and capabilities.
  • Mention how joining the Artemis Accord enables India to collaborate with other member nations, including space agencies like NASA and ESA.
  • Highlight how India’s participation in the Artemis Accord can stimulate technological advancements within its space program.
  • Summarize by emphasizing that India’s participation in the Artemis Accord holds great potential for the future of space exploration.

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