One Web

Context:  Gujarat’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) signed a MoU with One Web India Communications Pvt Ltd to establish India’s first ‘satellite network portal site’ in Mehsana, Gujarat. About One Web:
  • It is a UK-based global communication network powered from space, enabling connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities.
  • It is implementing a constellation of LEO satellites.
  • India’s Bharti Enterprises serves as a major investor and shareholder in One Web.
Satellite Network Portal Site:
  • The satellite network portal site will serve as a signal and data downlink and uplink terminal on the ground, facilitating data transmission through satellite tracking antenna systems.
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, operating at 500 to 1,200 km altitude, offer high-speed and low-latency communications compared to geostationary satellites.
  • One Web has 648 satellites in LEO, making 13 orbits per day, covering the entire globe.
  • To achieve global coverage, 40 such satellite network portal sites are required, with India planning to have at least 2 sites – one in Gujarat and another likely in Tamil Nadu.
News Source: The Indian Express
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