Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

  • July 30, 2023 marks the 201st birth anniversary of Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab to sit on the throne of Awadh.
About Wajid Ali Shah:
  • Mirza Wajid Ali Shah (July 1822 – 1 September 1887) was the eleventh and last King of Awadh, holding the position for 9 years, from 13 February 1847 to 11 February 1856.
  • His kingdom was annexed by the East India Company on 11 February 1856 and the Nawab was exiled to Garden Reach in Metiabruz, a suburb of Kolkata, where he lived out the rest of his life on a generous pension.
Contributions to music:
  • He was not only a patron of music, dance, drama, and poetry but was also a gifted composer.
  • He is said to have composed many new ragas and named them Jogi, Juhi, Shah-Pasand, etc.
  • The light classical form, thumri was created by Wajid Ali Shah.
Contributions to dance:
  • He introduced Kathak, a major form of classical Indian dance as a court dance after the decline of Mughals for recreation activity.
Contributions to Hindustani Theatre:
  • The king introduced the Jogia Jashan, a magnificent event featuring Rahas (dance-dramas), poetry, lyrical compositions, and Kathak performances paving the way for the growth of Hindustani theater.
Contribution to literature:
  • The famous poet Mirza Ghalib received the patronage of Wajid Ali Shah.
  • Wajid Ali Shah was himself a poet of considerable merit.
  • He had equal command over Persian and Urdu and wrote several books in both languages. His notable work is Sawat-ul-Qalub.
News Source : Indian Express 

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